NYGÅRD Cay and Wyndham Nassau Resort Host Racey Girl Model Search In The Bahamas

World's Most Expensive Resort Plays Host to International Models, Photographers, Playmates, NFL Stars, Beauty Pageant, Moda Swimswear, Shirley of Hollywood Lingerie, and Ultimate Photo Fest.

There are so many things that can be said about the Bahamas, but the first thing that comes to mind is, "YA MON!" That sums up the overwhelming feeling you get from visiting this very special place on the planet; the majestic beauty of an island paradise, the crystal blue water, the hospitality and respect of the Bahamian people, and the love and deep sense of awe for this part of the world. Our little piece of paradise came in the form of NYGÅRD Cay, the world's most expense resort owned by billionaire Canadian fashion designer, Peter Nygård, and the Wyndham Nassau Resort and Crystal Palace Casino set in the pristine Cable Beach area of Nassau, Bahamas.

Thirty beautiful models came from as far away as Norway and Denmark to compete in the Racey Girl International Swimsuit and Lingerie Model Search Finals. The event, produced by PlayerXT and sponsored by Moda Star Swimwear and Shirley of Hollywood Lingerie, was a media fest of photographers representing Playboy, Maxim, FHM, American Curves, Oxygen, Inside Fitness, and Action Magazine. "There were over 30,000 pictures taken this weekend at NYGÅRD Cay," said Paul Miller, head photographer for Bullz-Eye, the leading online men's magazine. "We shoot models all over the world, and these girls were spectacular. I guarantee you will see the best of these photographers appearing in the pages of the world's top men's magazines."

“We are honored to have Peter Nygård, Founder & Chairman of North America's leading fashion house, NYGÅRD International, as a judge and host of the event," said Curt Holstein, President of Racey Girl International and co-Producer of the event. "The fashion mogul has generously offered to host events at his paradisiacal home, NYGÅRD Cay, a luxurious 150,000 sq. ft. Mayan themed masterpiece and named one of the world's most expensive resorts by Forbes Magazine. He has hosted Oprah, Robert DiNiro, Michael Jackson, George Bush, Sr., and other elite guests.

Nygård, who hosted the Shirley of Hollywood 60th Anniversary Finals last year, is recognized globally for his charitable efforts, as well as being reknowned in the fashion industry. Throughout Nygård’s illustrious career, he has continually given back to the community. Over a decade ago, he began his crusade to find a cure for breast cancer, making this the company’s corporate charity of choice. Last year NYGÅRD donated over $2 million to the cause.

In addition to Nygård's commitment to breast cancer research, his love of sports and drive to help people succeed has also motivated him to sponsor many Bahamian athletes over the years. His contribution to sports has been well received by the Bahamian community - and his sponsorship is ongoing. "Peter is an incredible businessman and benefactor to so many on the island," said Roy Hahn, President of PlayerXT & co-Producer of the event. "His awards and accolades in the fields of fashion, sports and charity could fill a museum. He is an entrepreneur, sportsman, Olympian, humanitarian, and a friend to PlayerXT and the Racey Girls."

The Racey Girl Finals Show was staged on Saturday night at the Crystal Palace Rainforest Theatre. The pageant was emceed by actress, Playmate, and Shirley of Hollywood Super Model, Tyran Richard. She was joined in hosting duties by Playmate Shallan Meiers, and Maxim, Shirley of Hollywood, and the original Racey Girl, Maya Rochelle. Maya is the star of a new television pilot Maya Uncovered, which was partially shot during this event at NYGÅRD Cay. Entertainment was provided by the multi-talented Veselka Twins, Cori an Kristin (at right), and Nassau's very own hip hop group, Juice Unit.

The winners of the swimsuit competition were Adrean Butler, 1st; Martha Gonzales, 2nd; and Jazmin Siguenza, 3rd are seen at left with Moda Star designer, Greg Richburg and judge Joseph Gheblikian. The lingerie winners were Myste Nicole, 1st; Kelly Kacshine, 2nd; Lindsey Eller, 3rd; and Jennifer Spencer, 4th. The over-all winner and 2009 Racey Girl was Myste Nicole of Austin, Texas. The Original Racey Girl, Maya Rochelle, passed the mantle on to the vivacious brunette (at left). Myste will receive a $5,000 modeling contract and travel with PlayerXT to Atlantic City, Costa Rica, South America, Mexico City, and Jamaica, before returning to the Bahamas on October 8 - 12, 2009 for the grand reopening of the Wyndham Nassau Resort and Crystal Palace Casino. At that time, the Wyndham and Crystal Palace will reopen their doors after a $27 million dollar renovation.

Myste (at left) is an English and Communications major at the University of Texas, as well as a soccer player and ballet student. Myste is the founder of "Puppy Love", an organization created to raise money for local animal shelters and rescues. After this impressive win in the Bahamas, Myste is heading to Las Vegas to do work for PlayerXT as the face of Racey Girl, and to pursue modeling full-time. "I am so excited," said Myste. "This is a magical dream coming true. I am so glad I hooked up with the PlayerXT group. They are truly, 'dream catchers'. I told them my dream, and they caught it for me."

Moda Star Swimwear was the featured swimwear of the event. The winning swimwear model, Adrean Butler, will appear on the cover of Moda Star Magazine, and several of the finalists will appear in the magazine, online, and in the Moda Star catalog.

With the cooperative efforts of acclaimed Swedish photographer Patrik Book and award winning web design and marketing entrepreneur Greg Richburg from California, Moda Star became a reality. Moda Star Models is a US licensed talent agency with International ties. Owned and operated out of California and Sweden and inspired by model promotion, Brazilian design, surf & sand, swimwear, and beautiful photography from all over the planet, the Moda Star family has created an idea that is making world wide impact.

“It is about the women,” says creator and designer Richburg. “My pleasure is helping with beauty and comfort. Moda Star is proud to be a part of the Racey Girls International Model Search event as the swimwear sponsor. We are dedicated to fashion and modeling, offering quality brand swimwear in an assortment of styles to satisfy the taste of sexy women everywhere.”

Besides Richburg and Book of Moda Star, judges for the event included Publisher of Bullz-Eye, Gerardo Orlando (center, left). Bullz-Eye is the second-largest online men's lifestyle magazine with more than 70 million page views and 5 million unique visitors per month. The top four models will be featured in Bullz-Eye, and were paid an average of $400 for their photo sessions at Nygard Cay. Other judges were Bullz-Eye photographer Paul Miller (left, right); our good friend Ron Rice (left, left), fournder of Hawaiian Tropic; Joseph Gheblikian President of Armen and Joseph Jewelers, who awarded the winners beautiful diamond bracelets; Janette Loh of Loh Racing and owner GTI Data Management Systems Inc.; Photographer Brent Allen representing American Curves and Inside Fitness; Bo Hitchcock, representing Playboy Publications; Rene Braga, representing Telemundo's Ritmo Deportivo; and Ernie Cabral, Publisher of Action Magazine. Action is a Las Vegas based publication that covers resort casinos all over the world. Action was also be in the Bahamas to shoot its new HD Television Show for HD Net. Action covers all of PlayerXT’s events featuring the Racey Girls. Our two celebrity judges were Playmates Stephanie Heinrich and Sanda Hubby. Stephanie was Playboy's very first Cyber Girl.

Sunday was a day of relaxation and photo shoots at Nygard Cay. . When the models were not shooting in Moda Swimwear, they were basking in the sun, riding wave runners, snorkeling, getting spa treatments, dancing in the disco, watching movies in the "state of the art" entertainment center, viewing rousing sunrises and sunsets, being served breakfasts on the beach which were cooked over an open fire, and eating gourmet meals at night prepared by Nygard's personal chef. At the end of the day, a competitive round robin tournament of volleyball took place with the Bahamian National Volleyball Team. The sport of beach volleyball is a real passion of Nygard's, and thanks to his generous support, beach volleyball continues to grow in the Bahamas.

"This is the only sport in the Bahamas where the facilities of beach, sun, and sand are already provided," said Nygard, a former Olympian in sailing, who has pledged his support for the continuation of beach volleyball in the Bahamas and to athletes who play the sport. "We tried to get a Bahamian team into the 2008 Summer Olympics, and although that did not work out, we are not going to stop trying because we believe the talent is here. We will continue to strive towards our goal of sending a Bahamian team to compete in the 2012 Summer Games in London."

Many thanks go out the Assistant General Manager, Mark Hawken, who brought this incredible event to the Wyndham Nasau Resort. Much praise goes to Director of Food and Beverage, Kevin Hughes. Kevin and Executive Chef Steve Quigg are resposible for the incredible meals served at the resort including the Seaside Buffet and the fine dining at the Black Angus Grille and Moso Asian Cusine. A special thanks to the staff at Nygard Cay, headed by the lovely Tara Tzoucalis, Public Relations for Nygard International. She led us the entire way and helped us to produce some of the best video, photographs, and live productions ever. We can not forget PlayerXT's Executive Producers Curt and Candy Holstein who made all the arrangements so that everyone is safe and sound. Here is a link to some of the thousands of pictures taken by Edwin Jammers of Blue Zero Photography. Edwin is an international award winning photographer. Stay tuned to www.PlayerXT.com for the times and airing dates of the various segments and show, Here is a small sampling for your review.

Captions: Top Row - Left: Racey Girl Maya Rochelle passing title on to over-all winner Myste Nicole. Right: Winners of the lingerie competion: Lindsey Eller, Kelly Kachinske, and Myste Nicole.. Second Row - Lindsey Eller of Texas and Kerrianna Dooley of Atlanta in Shirley of Hollywood lingerie; Amanda Phillips of Texas and Martha Gonzales of Washington in Moda Swimwear. Third Row - Nygard Cay Volley at night; and Jennifer Georgiades, Chynele Gillooly and Martha Gonzales warming up. Fourth Row - Peter Nygard serving; Nygard with Playmates Stephanie Heinrich and Sandra Hubby; Nygard with Jamie Peery of Oregon and Patricia Baier of Denmark; Nygard digging for his teammate Jamie Peery.Fifth Row - Photographer Paul Miller and Veselka Twins, Kristin and Cory; Photographer Brent Allen shooting Playmate Sandra Hubby. Bottom Row - Jennifer Spencer striing a pose; Racey Girl's Curt Holstein and Nygard Bodyguard Leo Thurston; Mark Hawken of Wyndham with Stacey Love of Oregon in disco; and Maya Rochelle riding off into the sunset.