The 5th Annual Trump
Style International Model Search

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Article Appeared in Pagent International:

"Does the title make the lady, or does the lady make the title?" We hear pageant people arguing about that all the time, and so do you.

Maybe the argument never ends because both sides are right sometimes. There are women who aren't worthy of the banner they wear, but there are also titles so trivial that they wouldn't do anything even for a goddess.

But now and then, when a spectacular lady wins a terrific title, the match is perfect. It's as if they were destined to be together.

Meet the spectacular lady. Her name is Shana Prevette. She's a 23-year-old North Carolina model, a "shy Southern girl" who has only been in the glamour business about a year but has already traveled widely and made a name for herself in swimsuit circles. (When she's in a swimsuit, everybody seems to be circling.)

Meet the terrific title. Miss Trump Style International. Yes, that Trump. The legendary Donald, the deal-maker, the Croesus of the 21st century, has actually put his name on a pageant title. Not to mention his style. What girl wouldn't want that?

On a stage in Atlantic City, the lady and the title came together. Among the honors that Ms. Prevette claimed was $5,000, and a portrait by renowned artist RW Cowan, who painted Princess Diana, the last five Presidents and Mr. Trump himself. She was also awarded a designer bag by Debbie Brooks.

This lady and this title belong together -- like singing and dancing, like hot dogs and buns, like lips and lipstick. Like Trump and Style. A perfect match.

"We started this event back in 1999," said Roy Hahn, president of PlayerXT. "Each year, it keeps getting better."

Top: The Donald with Finalist from left to right: Lorrie Stewart, Casey Bytheway, Lindsay McKenzie, Shay Veasey, Susie Tran, Leslie Tamarand, and Lisa Ray.

2 nd : World renowned protrait artist RW Cowan with models Shanna Sheffield, Lisa Ray, Kristina Kraft, Lindsay McKenzie, and Jennifer Copeland.

3^: Finalist Lorrie Stewart, Casey Bytheway, Susie Tran, Shay Veasey, and Darie Wilson.

Bottom: Winner Shana Prevette with runner-ups Lorrie Stewart, Charity Hodges, Tania Lamania, and event coordinator Tiffanyanne Kosma .